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L A City

LA City 

Address :  L A City,
                Manduwala, Doonga, Chakrata Road,  
                Dehradun, Uttarakhand -248001

Mobile : +91- 9012244477, 9012644477, 9990777991, 9990777992

Developer : Land Asia Infrastructure Limited

Area : 21 Acres

Built Year : 2009

Floor Levels : Individual Villa’s

Approving Authority : SADA

Financing Banks : HDFC Bank and SBI

Web Address :

Email Address :

Category : Villa Silver -1 : Area 188 Sq yard @ 1150 Sq ft
                Villa Silver -2 : Area 188 Sq yard @ 1460 Sq ft
                Villa Silver -3 : Area 188 Sq yard @ 1900 Sq ft
                Villa Gold : Area 250 Sq yard @ 3000 Sq ft
                Villa Platinum : Area 300 Sq yard @ 3700 Sq ft
                Villa Signature : Area 300 Sq yard @ 3900 Sq ft
                Plots : Area Various Sizes

Price :    Villa Silver -1 @ Rs 29.9 Lacs
             Villa Silver -2 @ Rs 33.9 Lacs
             Villa Silver -3 @ Rs 39.9 Lacs
             Villa Gold @ Rs 69.9 Lacs
             Villa Platinum @ Rs 84.9 Lacs
             Villa Signature @ Rs 109.9 Lacs
             Plots @ Rs 7950 / Sq Yard

Key Features :

* First approved SPA Township
* Luxurious Designer Villas
* Five Designer theme based Parks

* Shopping Complex
* SPA Club
* Amphitheater
* Putting Greens
* Swimming Pool

* Kids Pool
* Golf Course
* Children Theme Park

* Global fire & Safety Norms
* 100 % Power Backup

Contact us for any information regarding above mentioned housing project



Park of Five Senses



Golf Course



Meditation Park & Children Paradise








L A City Dehradun

L A City Dehradun

L A City Dehradun

L A City Dehradun




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Posted under A: Ongoing Housing Projects Dehradun by Sonaal on Saturday 18 July 2009 at 1:24 pm

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  1. Comment by L A Residents — June 5, 2016 @ 7:53 pm

    Firstly let me tell you that I am a resident of L A City and write this review based on my own experience and on behalf of some other residents of LA.

    Secondly, most of the 5 star reviews have possibly been posted by the builder and his staff. The owner of L A City is Sheikh Danish, Mohammad Khalid is the managing director and one of their sales guys is called Fayaz; these are the names that appear on the reviews too! Well may be in future they would at least disguise themselves!

    Indeed L A City is in a beautiful and peaceful location and is definitely where I would like to live, just like majority of the residents here do. So indeed 5 stars for the location. In fact if the builder still does what they should have done ages ago, I shall happily change my review, because we, the residents, do wish that we have lots and lots of lovely neighbours rather than empty plots. BUT…

    There are lots of small and big ongoing issues about which the builder does not seem to be doing much; so minus 5 for the builder. All they are interested in is selling villas and making money. The sales guys paint a very pretty picture of LA, but they never tell you about the issues. They promise the world but don’t deliver.

    One biggest issue at present is electricity (and there are many other issues; poor maintenance, poor quality of construction and incompetent staff, just to name a few). There are over 200 plots at L A City and and they only have a 25kva or something transformer. As a result the meter keeps blowing up even though there are only about 15 families living here at present, and then the residents are left with no electricity for days. This has happened so many times that the electricity board has refused to provide any more meters for LA. Recently the meter blew up again and we got a new meter only because one of the residents took initiative and used their contacts. But guess what, the meter has started to spark again and is expected to go bust soon, even though people aren’t even using their air conditioning in this killing heat. Last week the LA guys were going around telling people not to even use their washing machines!

    So don’t let me put you off buying here or coming to live here, BUT (and that is a big big BUT) make sure that the current problems at LA are dealt with first. And I am sure that you are smart enough not to accept the builder’s word in this matter. Talk to us, the residents, anytime and come back here to hopefully see some positive reviews in the future. You may email us at and we hope to welcome you soon to a livable and comfortable L A City.

    Kind regards

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