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Doon Housing is the most comprehensive and user friendly approach to provide people with information regarding Residential Houses, Flats, Villa’s and Apartments that are available in Dehradun and Uttarakhand. Many people from all over India want to own residential properties in Dehradun for the purpose of settling down in Dehradun after their retirement or for education of their children. Far away from the busy lifestyle and rush of the metros. Some people want to spend their vacations in this hilly area as their children are studying in Dehradun, while many want to own residential property in Dehradun for investment purposes.  Being the capital of Uttarakhand the residential properties in Dehradun have always given high returns, the rental returns are also of optimum value. The infrastructure of Dehradun is very good and furthermore developing. New wider roads are under construction after the application of master plan of  Dehradun city by MDDA and the new commercial zones are also in the pipeline further increasing the value of both commercial and residential properties. There is no electricity related problem in Dehradun as Uttarakhand itself is a power producing state. Dehradun is a small city but provides facilities of a big metro. All the big brands are already present in the city and many are ready to make an entry. Many of the major developers have already foreseen the potential of this developing city in both commercial and residential sector and have come up with many big projects.

A city’s outlook is essentially made by its people and decides the comfort level of its residents. The cultural values of the city make its people friendly and welcoming in nature. Crime rate is very low thanks to good policing and high literacy rate because of it being the best educational hub.

We have tried to list all quality group housing projects that are being undertaken by various developers and builders in Dehradun and Uttarakhand at one place. The links below would provide you with a comprehensive multi-brand catalogue regarding all residential projects that are being undertaken by various Real Estate Developers in Dehradun.

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